Channel letters Signs

These are the most common high-class electric signs utilized by retail and commercial businesses. There are many variations of the standard channel letter that can be custom tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Channel letters can be illuminated, non-illuminated, and flush mounted, or installed on a raceway, depending on your needs and circumstances. Channel letters are not restricted to just letters, We have abilities to make any kind contour cabinets, custom shaped boxes, logos or in any other foreign languages / letters and other design elements to give the sign a unique look


  • Back-Lit Channel Letters: One of the most popular types of channel letters that uses internal, energy efficient L.E.D. modules to illuminate an acrylic face.
  • Halo-Lit Channel Letters: These letters are mounted away from the wall, projecting the light around the blacked-out letters at night. During the day the letters will have the desired color chosen by the customer. They are manufactured purely of aluminum and have a welded construction.
  • Canned Channel Letters: These all aluminum letters have invisible welded seams with 4” to 5” returns, with no illumination and are painted to the your desired color.